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Aged ALNICO 5 magnets in this pickup. This is a flatpole that sounds amazing very "Woody and Organic ". HandWound to the correct '52 specs with the tin bottom plate. Great overtones and harmonics.


Wound 8 - 10K

$95.00 ea


Aged ALNICO 5 magnets with raised D&G poles, for that great late '50s sound.


Wound 8 - 10K

$95.00 ea


This is a staggered pole more articulate sound than the flatpole. This is that true ‘60s sound, at 7.5k to 8k . HandWound hotter 8.5k to 9.5k this is a great rock pickup for classic english tele tones. Copper bottom plate with a hand wound ‘60s coil pattern. Perfect for that classic sound.

To quote a customer...
"Like a chorus of angels who lived in Bakersfield before they shed their mortal coils. Twangy sweetness with massive mounds of harmonics."

Wound 7.5 – 9.5K

$95.00 ea  


I now make this pickup with the sames choice of specs as the TE60 Black. It has a Grey bottom bobbin with a copper plate .

Looks like a '64 or later pickup.

Wound 7.5K – 9.5K

$95.00 ea

TEF and LONGNECK , TE sweet Neck...


TEF-After many years I came up with this pickup. It’s a great match for any of the bridge pickups. 8k is th
LONGNECK- This model has longer magnets and has a almost Strat like sound.

Very usable tones in the neck position.

Wound 7 – 9K

$95.00 ea